Consultancy and Documents

Documents for Dangerous Goods

Transporting dangerous goods is a complex procedure and requires detailed understanding and knowledge of the relevant regulations. Our specialists can assist you ensuring that packaging, labeling, documentation and all other strict requirements are completely fulfilled when your shipment is prepared and presented to the operator for transportation.

Where we can help you:

1. Air (IATA/ICAO)
2. Road (ADR)
3. Sea (IMDG)
4. Packaging, marking, labeling, documentation

Our specialist can prepare needed documents accompanying transportation of dangerous goods by road, air or sea.

DG Consulting could fill in for you following documents for Dangerous Goods transportation:

1. ADR transport Document (Road)
2. IMDG Dangerous goods Declaration (Sea)
3. Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods (Air)
4. Multimodal Dangerous Goods Document (Multimodal transportation).