UN certified fibreboard box 4GV – PGV86


UN certified fibreboard box 4GV – PGV86

UN marking 4GV/X14.5/S/**-B/SERPAC
External dimensions 340х340х340(h) mm
Inner useful dimensions 280x280x260(h) mm
Suitable for solid or liquid dangerous goods of I, II and III packing group.

For any type of objects or inner packagings.
The box is supplied with 2 plastic bags with dimensions:

For the proper use of boxes 4GV, in particular for the PGV86,you have to comply with some parameters:
– the distance between inner packaging/s and box side/top/bottom is filled with mimimum mm 25 vermiculite (inert absorbent material);
– Maximum permissible gross weight of ready package 14.5kg;
– Maximum permissible gross weight of inner packagings 9.5kg.

Adhesive tape to be used: PP 50 mm

Box certified UN 4GV (or fibreboard box certified UN 4GV) is a box suitable for objects or any type of inner packagings for liquid or solid materials of packing group I, II, III.
The letter “V” that follows the packaging code 4G in the UN marking signifies a “Special Packaging” As for ADR/RID/ADN/IMDG, IATA where the packing instructions authorize the use of a particular type of packaging (e.g. 4G; 1A2), packagings bearing the same packaging identification code followed by the letters “V” (4GV) may also be used. Except for PGV81 that is certified also with absorbent kit, it’s required the use of vermiculite (absorbent and cushioning material).