UN3373 Biological substance packaging BIO-3373-020



Combination packaging for UN3373, Biological substance, Category B
containing :
• Outer packaging UN3373 Biological substance, Category B. Marked with UN3373 Biological Substance, Category B
• Plastic bag (BIO-210-SB): 95kPa от -40° С до +55° С
• Absorbent material with 6 holders, absorbing up to 250 ml (BIO-807-SB)
• Instruction in English, printed on the back side of the box
• Closing seal
• Cushioning material

Outer dimensions: 285x185x45 mm

In compliance with Packing instruction P650 ADR, P650 RID, P650 ADN, P650 IMDG, P.I. 650 IATA
Convinient for sending Covid-19 SWAB tests.